4 Of The Most Influential Innovations In Healthcare – Healthcare

Technological innovation has changed all industries including healthcare. There have been great changes in the healthcare industry where technology is increasingly playing vital roles in almost all processes including patient registration, lab tests, data monitoring, and consultation.To bring about these changes great innovations have been made. Here are some of the most influential technological innovations in the healthcare industry.Electronic health recordTen years ago, all health institutions had many systems that did different things. For example, there was a pharmacy system, documentation system, and an order system. These systems made it very cumbersome to work in a health setting.Creation of an electronic health record revolutionized everything. The record integrated all the systems into a single platform which has made it easy to work in hospitals. Patients are also able to get better services since the healthcare providers are able to get their data with the touch of a button.Portal technologyThis is a tool that enables patients and physicians to access medical records online. The technology makes it possible for patients to easily get information about the diseases that they are suffering from and as a result they are more closely involved and better educated about healthcare.As a patient, you know what you are suffering from and the cure of your disease. This empowers you as you know what is required from you and from the physician.Remote monitoring toolsThis is a system where patients are being monitored from home without the need of travelling to a health facility. This is very advantageous since it saves the patient a lot of money that he/she would have spent in travelling.Here a gadget such as a pacemaker is installed in your body and the data collected is transmitted to a remote center monitored by medical professionals.Medical professionals take a look at the data and if you have any problem, you are notified and advised on what to do. While the system may seem invasive, it’s very great for people suffering from chronic diseases.Sensors and wearable technologyThis technology is used to notify a healthcare provider about the occurrence of an accident. For example, the sensor can be used to notify a doctor when a patient falls or when the pH levels in a wound rises as a result of infection.Here the sensor is placed on the patient’s body and the doctor gets a notification whenever something happens.