Healthcare Workflow Software Makes Great Sense – Healthcare

If you are a hospital or health insurance payer today, there are a myriad of workflow applications available to help improve efficiency and reduce cost in your organization. Everything from inscription software, to case management systems to finance and accounting software has been specialized for clinical practices. Those are just some of the examples of the way organizations can use software to perfect their business processes, reduce their costs and improve the overall viability of their organizations and its competitiveness.A good example of workflow software in the healthcare arena is the use of Web applications for conducting reviews. Whether it is a independent medical review for health plans or hospital peer review, today there are new cutting-edge applications that support the Independent Review Organization review process and allow for the exchange of critical, confidential patient information (PHI) in a secure, Web based work flow.We’re developing a Web-based application at Allmed called PeerPoint. This software will allow us to transact with our business partners, clients and specialist doctors across the country securely and greatly enhance our ability to efficiently track and manage cases as they move through the medical review process. We’re excited about this software and the benefits that it’s going to offer to you, our clients. You will have the ability to check the status of cases online. We will benefit from internal cost reduction and improve the scalability of our company.If your company is considering deploying Web applications in a healthcare environment, in particular if you’re thinking about deploying a custom Web application, we can give you some advice and ideas, because we’ve spent the last year developing experience and perspective by building ours.